Did You Know That There Is A High-Tech Sweater Which Can Display The Wearer’s…


If you have a problem expressing your emotions in a calm and polite manner, a San Francisco-based enterprise has already developed the perfect product for you. You can now get a unique Mood Sweater that can express your most complex emotions for you.

The company called “Sensoree” came up with this futuristic product to promote “extimacy” or externalized intimacy. According to the Mood Sweater designer Kristin Neidlinger, it is a new innovative form of social media that enables us to communicate our emotions more effectively in public settings.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Apart from the sweater, you also need to wear special sensors attached to the palms of your hands as the product is based on the special technology used for lie detection called GRS system (Galvanic Skin Response). This technique measures the level of moisture on your body and then transfers the data into a signal that is transmitted to the special collar embedded with LED lights. The lights then glow in the specific color that represents your emotion. Green is for peaceful or tranquil; blue is for quiet and relaxed; purple for tense and excited; red for nervous, edgy or in love; yellow for blissful, nirvana.


Although the price of the Mood Sweater is still not established, there are 100 pieces that are available for pre-ordering on the company’s website.


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