Did You Know That There Is A Loch Ness-like Creature Living In….


If you happen to be near the Hawkesbury River situated north of Sydney, Australia it will be good for you to know that in that particular area you could potentially catch a glimpse of a truly unique Loch Ness type of monster.


As it turns out there have been numerous witness reports from the area suggesting the existence of a dark gray aquatic dinosaur approximately 80 feet long with a very long snake-like head, a huge tail and a set of impressive flippers. Many researchers in this field believe this is a real plesiosaur that somehow survived till modern day submerged in the waters of the Hawkesbury River in Australia. The incredible creature has been known to man for hundreds of years when the native aboriginal tribes were often attacked along the banks of the river by the “moolyewonk” or “mirreeular”.


Although no one was able to capture the river monster on film the locals are sure of its existence. The latest sighting of the incredible dinosaur-like creature was last February by a fisherman who lives in the vicinity of Wisemen’s Ferry.

Rex Gilroy, a local cryptozoologist, has been trying to prove the monster’s existence ever since the 1940s. He has collected numerous personal accounts of sightings and eye-witness testimonies but no actual photo of the creature. The quest to catch the creature on film is still ongoing.


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