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Living in the 21st century often means living a fast and accelerated lifestyle, which usually means cutting on sleeping hours in order to achieve the set tasks and errands. In order to help us cope with this kind of lifestyle one medical student and his colleagues have found a way to reduce our sleeping hours and still provide us with the necessary nap our organisms need.

Photo courtesy of IntelliClinic
Photo courtesy of IntelliClinic

Kamil Adamczyk and his colleagues from Intelclinic have created NeuroOn – a cutting edge device, which can reduce sleeping hours. NeuroOn is a sleep mask, which basically transforms your sleeping schedule into a more efficient and less time consuming one. The mask uses sound alarms, vibrations and lights in order to wake the person when he/she has completed the REM sleep. Since the regular sleep provides a person with around 15% of REM sleep, which is vital for us, the mask’s function is to let the person get the most of the REM sleep.


The mask will be available for $225 and it will be on the market by May 2014.


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