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Did You Know That There Is A Medical Condition Which Makes You Believe You Are….


The human mind has continuously been subjected to numerous studies but we are still not completely familiar with its inner workings. Its damaged function causes rare and strange neurological conditions that are quite challenging for scientists to explain and cure.

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The Cotard’s Syndrome, also called Walking Corpse Syndrome, is one of these conditions. New Scientists magazine reports about a man, Graham, who is plagued by this extremely rare syndrome. The symptom of the condition is quite strange: people affected by it believe they don’t exist anymore or that some part of their organism is missing or not functioning.

Graham believes that his brain has been destroyed by a suicide attempt he committed during a period of serious depression. He reports not being able to feel any pleasure, that he has lost his sense of smell and taste and that he is no longer interested in anything he used to like before the condition.


According to experts, there are very few cases of people with the Cotard’s syndrome. The condition is very dangerous as some patients have died of starvation and others have tried to dispose of their bodies using acid.


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