Did you know that there is a mysterious glowing statue of…


A great number of miraculous cases with holy statues and sacred icons have been recorded over the past several decades. Another one has just emerged this January in the quiet town of Jalhay, Belgium.


Official reports state that the law enforcement in Jalhay has been put on alert after nearly 500 people got in line to visit a small church pavilion in one day. Many of the visitors have claimed that they have been cured from their illness and ailments after seeing a small statue of Virgin Mary. Furthermore, those who have seen the statue, also claim that it tends to glow in the darkness. The Belgium police have been guarding the pavilion ever since a stream of people started lining in front of it in order to see the statue with their own eyes.


The reports also claim that several Pastors have been dispatched to Jalhay in order to solve the mystery around the statue. None of the clergymen has yet found a miraculous explanation behind this phenomenon, nor a natural one.


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