Did you know that there is a mysterious person who's giving away thousands of $ as tips…


This winter miracles are happening in restaurants all across the world. Waiters are receiving anonymous tips for thousands of dollars, euros and even Mexican pesos.


According to countless recent reports, extremely generous customers are giving away huge tips in restaurants – from $1000 to $13,000. Several reports state that a group of three men have been spotted in numerous restaurants giving away such tips. However, they aren’t the only one. This December the Internet has gone crazy with reports about the Mystery Tipper. The Tipper probably isn’t just one person, but even if there’s a whole group of tipsters, they use the same technique – they stamper all bills with the same message “@tipsforjesus”. There’s even an Instagram account, which is filled with the photographed evidence. Some of the bills even have the words “God bless!” The Instagram page has around 54,000 followers. The Twitter fan page has around 3,000 followers, but there are no tweets.


So who’s the Mystery Twitter? Some people believe he’s Seth Collins. The man has been leaving $500 tips across Kentucky ever since his brother Aaron died last year.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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