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Did You Know That There Is A "Rain Room" In London That Makes Rain ….


For many of us walking while the rain is pouring on top of our heads could be the most unpleasant experience. But a couple of years ago an organization called “Random International”, which gained its popularity and recognition for their digital-based art forms bringing together thousands of people from a variety of disciplines, created its newest “Rain Room”.

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The “Rain Room” opened up on October 4, 2012 and was developed by ingenious artists in London. The one-of-a-kind room is located in the Barbican Centre which hosts a variety of contemporary art performances. The “Rain Room” is a 1000 square feet room which gives the visitors the opportunity to walk under the rain without actually getting wet.
It’s an art form that comes alive when people enter the room. The falling rain droplets respond to each movement of a visitor with the use of special 3D cameras installed in the corners. What’s the most incredible part is that the room gives visitors an unique experience of feeling and controlling the rain.


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