Did you know that there is a Smartphone app that may help people overcome…


There’s a new smartphone application called A-CHESS, which might actually help alcoholics fight their worst vice.


The A-CHESS app uses a series of methods in order to tackle with alcoholism. For starters, when activated, the application uses wi-fi in order to immediately alert the user if he/she is about to walk straight into a bar or a liquor store. Not only that, but it also allows instant contact with the user’s “sponsor”, counselors and even online support groups. Furthermore, the application also provides the user with daily support messages in order to keep him/her strong and positive about the fight against alcoholism. Apart from the daily messages, A-CHESS sends question forms once a week in order to check the user’s abstention. And if that’s not enough, the app has a panic button, which gives the A-CHESS user a series of distractions, such as contact with a nearby friend or sponsor or a variety of reminders regarding the alcohol problem he/she has.


And while a single app can’t magically straighten out an alcoholic, A-CHESS certainly looks like a strong fighter against alcoholism.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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