Did you know that there is a study that links napping to…


We all love to take a little nap from time to time – while it’s not as time consuming as a full-length sleeping session, it still takes the tense off and helps us regain energy and strength. However, does napping really help our bodies?


According to a new study, daytime napping might be linked to premature death. Over 16,000 British men and women took part in the study over the course of 13 years. The recently published results show a shocking link that might as well change our perspective over daytime napping. The study suggests that those people who were likely to take long naps were also showing symptoms of lung diseases, which made the study team come up with two theories. For starters, they thought they could prove that napping could cause premature death. However, this theory was quickly turned down when the second one came to mind. It sounds far more trustworthy that daytime napping could be a sign of lung diseases.


Since long daytime naps could hint an early stage of health problems, this study could actually come in handy for modern medicine.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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