Did You Know That There Is A Teenage Girl Who Eats Nothing But ….


A 17-year-old British girl has a severe mysterious disease that hinders her ability to properly eat and digest food. Unfortunately, Natalie Cooper has trouble keeping the food down. She becomes sick each time she eats any type of food. For her entire life she has been fed a special solution which she takes from a tube.


But since the age of 12 she had discovered that the only thing her body would accept are the little tasty mints. Doctors cannot explain this mysterious condition of hers. At first they taught she had bulimia but eventually ruled it out.


Another troubling fact is that Natalie is too weak to hold a regular job and hopes that the specialists will find exactly what is wrong with her in the near future thus enabling her to beat the illness.

Natalie was one of the young people to receive an award for their bravery in dealing with their conditions.


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