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Did you know that there is a theory that Tupac is hiding in Romania and…


Numerous conspiracy theories have emerged ever since the news of Tupac Shakur’s murder broke in 1996. The newest theory is that the rapper wasn’t killed by Illuminati, but that he’s actually alive and is currently residing in Romania.

Internet users with extremely vivid imaginations believe that the late rapper is still alive and living in Romania. These speculations started circling social media in late 2013 after Romanian video footage went viral on the Internet. The short video shows an interviewer who is asking an elder Romanian woman and a middle-aged man about the biblical characters Adam and Eve. The middle-aged man next to the elderly woman clearly speaks in Romanian and resembles the late rapper so much that people all around the world are convinced he’s actually 2Pac.

According to some theories, 2Pac has faked his death and is currently using his other stage name Makaveli. Was he influenced by the famous Italian military leader who faked his own death several times? And is 2Pac hiding in Romania because Romanians don’t listen to old school rap and aren’t familiar with his work? Probably not.


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