Did you know that there is a tongue patch could help you lose…


Have you ever heard the phrase “No pain, no gain.”? Prepare to be astonished because Dr. Nikolas Chugay’s invention takes the pain to a whole new level!
The Beverly Hills plastic surgeon launched an extraordinary product in 2009. It’s a special patch for your tongue, which helps you lose weight. How could that be? Well, each time you try to put solid food in your mouth, you feel incredible pain. Thus, you’re forced to be on a restrictive 800 calorie liquid-only diet, developed by the same surgeon.


The procedure is even more unbelievable than the whole idea of the effective tongue-patch. For $2,000 and for ten minutes of your time you get a patch with the size of a postage stamp sewed to your tongue. Literally! The little plastic square is attached to your tongue with six stitches!
Two women, Marlene Beltran and Lysander Lanuza, have already tried out Dr. Chugay’s invention. They say they couldn’t control their hunger, but it helped them reach amazing results in just a month.


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