Did You Know That There is a town Honduras where once a year, hundreds of small silver fish rain from…


Forget about raining cats and dogs : it’s literally raining fish in Honduras.
Lluvia De Peces, translating into “Rain of Fish”, occurs once or twice a year in Yoro. During a great rain storm tiny silver fish fall from the sky over the town’s roofs and streets. The phenomenon is said to have occurred for the first time in the 1800s but it was confirmed in the 1970s by a National Geographic team which witnessed the unbelievable event.

Scientists explain the phenomenon with waterspouts which are very similar to tornados. These types of whirlwinds can evaporate water in the air. The great power of the tornado makes it capable of lifting small and light animals, like fish for example, in the air. After the water  evaporates, the fish could remain in the air, being lifted and blown away by the whirlwind of the tornado or the waterspout. And then they tumble down onto the streets with the storm.
The NG team from 1970s supported the hypothesis that the fish came from underground rivers. However, people in Yoro still tend to believe there is a religious explanation behind the supernatural event.



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