Did you know that there is a University that fines its students with $300 for getting…


Trying to prevent college students from drinking booze is the Mission Impossible. However, it seems like one British University is trying to do the impossible – barring their students from getting drunk.


According to recent reports, the Lancaster University is so fed up with its drunken students that an official order has been issued regarding those who like to let out the steam with alcohol. The reports state that each Lancaster University student has received an official warning, according to which the student will face disciplinary hearing if he/she appears intoxicated before college officers, an assistant dean or even a porter. Furthermore, if drunken students are caught at The Red Lion – the University’s bar, they will face a £200 ($330) fine. Bartenders could also be fined with £250 if they offer drinks to intoxicated students.


Of course, Lancaster attendees didn’t like the order at all. They decided to protest against it by going to The Red Lion bar and…getting drunk, as you’ve probably guessed. Overall, the University states that it doesn’t have anything against drinking as long as it’s sensible and moderate.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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