Did you know that there is a welcome sign at the entrance of Kurt Cobain's hometown that says….


Even though it has been almost 20 years since the death of the grunge and alternative music icon Kurt Cobain, his fans still remember him. One of the most touching tributes to the late singer and musician was created and paid for by the “Cobain Memorial Committee” and involves adding a welcome sign at the entrance of Cobain’s hometown of Aberdeen that says “Welcome to Aberdeen: Come As You Are”.


“Come as you are” is one of the most famous songs written and performed by Kurt Cobain’s band “Nirvana”. It was released in their most famous album “Nevermind” in 1992. Ever since then, and after the performer’s tragic death back in 1994, “Come as you are” remains one of the hymns of the Seattle and world grunge music scene. When it was released, this second single from the band’s second album reached the American Top 40 and UK top 10 charts, and turned millions of people worldwide into Nirvana followers.


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