Did You Know That There Is A Zombie Shopping Mall Where You Can Team Up With Others To…


An unusual attraction offers visitors of Reading, UK the time of their lives. All adrenaline-loving people should definitely pay a visit to the Zombie Shopping Mall based in the town. The abandoned shopping center is turned into a playing field with no electricity and the participants in the zombie fight are only given ammunition and a torch light to fight the undead. They would have to climb broken-down escalators, navigate through the shops and stairwells of the deserted shopping mall while chased by the flesh-eating horrifying creatures.


The event usually starts around 6pm which means the flash light is going to be of great importance in order to survive in the total darkness. However, the zombies are guaranteed to attack once they spot the light. The experience is definitely a heart-pounding one and even though the zombies might be an act, the horror and panic the zombie fighters get to feel are quite real.


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