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Did You Know That There Is An "Anti-Smartphone" called John's Phone Which Can Only…


We live in a world in which mobile phones are becoming more and more complicated. Companies worldwide are struggling to find the next best innovative feature of a smartphone. All but one Dutch company which decided to embrace a different approach towards mobile phone technology. “ John’s Phone” is the most simplistic yet perfectly functional cell phone.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

With John’s Phone you are limited to the most basic functions of which every phone has – calling and receiving calls. If you want record someone’s name and number you will have to write it down the old-fashioned way in the built-in mini-address book located on the back of the phone.  The simplistic cell phone was created by Hein Mevissen and and Diederiekje Bok from the John Doe advertising agency based in Amsterdam.  The phone also has a the 1,200 mAh battery which could last for 3 weeks in stand-by mode or 6 hours of conversation.


The price of the “world’s simplest anti-smartphone” is around $100 and is intended for anyone who hates complicated technology.


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