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Did You Know That There Is An App That Catches Your….


Еvery time you wake up in the morning you deprive sleep researchers from valuable data they can use to answer fundamentally important questions about sleep and human subconsciousness. When we wake up over 95% of what we have dreamed about is lost forever.

source: youtube
source: youtube

In this regard the entrepreneurs Hunter Lee Soik and Jason Carvalho launched a Kickstarter project to create an elegant solution to this problem. They created “SHADOW” which is a mobile application that can help you easily remember, store and analyze your own dreams.

It works by setting an alarm system that gradually wakes you up into the “hypnopompic state” which is in between sleep and full esprit. It’s the best state that enables you to fully recall what you have dreamed about. You will then use your smartphone app to record your dream either by text or voice.


For now the SHADOW app can only store your dreams just for you own analysis but in the future the entrepreneurs hope the project will grow large enough to create a social network in which users will be able to share their best dreams with each other.


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