Did you know that there is an upcoming movie about the missing Malaysian plane that….


No sign of the missing Malaysian flight MH370 has been found ever since it disappeared earlier in March. However, an Indian movie director has a theory, which will come to life on the big screen in Summer 2014.

Shortly after the plane disappeared an anonymous journalist approached director Rupesh Paul and presented him with a theory about the plane’s disappearance. Paul thought he should make a movie about it. During the course of nearly a week he shot a short trailer about his upcoming drama – The Vanishing Act. The minute and a half long trailer was presented at this year’s Cannes festival and Paul hopes it will hit the big screen in somewhere in August. The drama revolves around the mysterious disappearance of the plane and is about to feature more than 200 actors. The official poster for The Vanishing Act implies that the movie will tell the untold story of the tragedy.

According to Paul, the movie won’t affect the families of the lost passengers and crew members in a negative way. This is Paul’s 11th project as a director.


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