Did You Know that there is still a woman alive who lost her fiance in WW1 and…


Grace Adelaide Jones was born on December 7th 1899 in Bermondsey, United Kingdom. Nowadays the 113-year-old woman is the world’s seventh-oldest living person and the oldest person still alive in the UK.

Grace explains that the reason behind her extremely long lifespan is the fresh English food she eats. However, even healthy food can’t guarantee lack of stress. Grace was a victim of series of robberies in 2012, in which the criminals not only took her pension, but also scared her to death. However, this wasn’t the first unfortunate event to take its toll on Grace. During World War I, Grace was engaged to Albert Rees, but before she got the chance to be a bride, her groom-to-be died in a battle. Grace never married, turning down all other marriage proposals in order to take care of her siblings and her mother.

Almost a century later, she’s still a single woman. Grace says that she never found anybody as good as her late fiancé, so she never married.


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