Did You Know That There Is Such A Huge Cave in China That It Has Its Own…


The Er Wang Dong cave system in China is so huge that it has its own weather system. A team of 15 explorers went on a month-long expedition in order to take samples, explore and take photographs of the never seen before extensive cave system, which is so humongous that it contains clouds and fogs. The group of photographers and cavers, which were the first people to fully explore the vast cave system, were stunned by this natural wonder.


The system consists of numerous caves which could be accessed in different ways. Some of them are easily accessible only on foot, others hide their entrances underwater. Sometimes ropes are needed as the cave walls are so vertical that they make any other access impossible.
The explorers explained some minor parts of the cave system had been used by nitrate miners but the whole system has never been properly explored before.


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