Did You Know That There Is Such A Thing As One-way Bulletproof Glass. This Allows You To Return


Has it ever crossed your mind, when watching an action movie for example, that bulletproof glass on cars and buildings seems like a great idea to keep one alive and safe inside, but at the same time doesn’t allow shooting back, and thus the people threatened or being shot at cannot defend themselves?
Well, it should be no surprise that with the rapid development of new technology, a one-way bulletproof glass has been invented.
This amazing product has been created by combining two types of plastic layers in one piece of bulletproof glass. One of them is more a breakable type of acrylic and the other is a more resilient and softer type of polycarbonate plastic.

When properly installed, this “one-way ballistic glass” can stop bullets from breaking through the glass shield, but in case of emergency would actually allow for a bullet to punch through the inside more brittle acrylic layer and target the attackers.
Unfortunately, once the bullet hole exists, it’s obviously a vulnerable point and of course no longer offers any protection.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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