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Did You Know That There Was A Dolphin Called Pelorus Jack Who Guided Ships Through….


In the years between 1888-1912 lived the world’s first ever dolphin protected by law. His name was Pelorus Jack. Originally the dolphin got his world wide reputation for his long- term “hobby” to swim next to ships while navigating them through perilous waters. The blue Risso’s dolphin earned his name, because he usually met the ships on the entry of Pelorus Sound near the coast of New Zeland and followed them all the way to the hazardous French Bay. Jack loved playing while swimming and jumping against the boats as well as riding the bow waves.


Over the years his fame grew even bigger than expected. He became a well known tourist attraction and gathered people from all around the world just wanting to see him. Unfortunately, he attracted harmful poachers and fishermen as well. There was an incident in the early 1900s when someone fired shots at Pelorus Jack from a steam ship. This led to the uprising of people wishing the dolphin to be protected by law and by 1904 there was an order by the council.


There were a lot of rumors about the sudden disappearance of Jack. Some folks believed he was unintentionally harpooned, other think he died of old age and was washed up on shore. Yet, the mystery is left unsolved but the legend of the amazing dolphin Pelorus Jack remains.


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