Did you know that there was a Japanese superhero that got his powers by constantly smoking…


8 Man was the first Japanese cyborg superhero. Created back in 1963, this manga and anime character is believed to have been the inspiration for Robo Cop. The manga series about 8 Man was published in a magazine over a period of three years, and a TV series was created which spanned 56 episodes.
The story is about a detective called Yokoda who is killed by criminals. Professor Tani takes the body of the detective to his laboratory where he tries to transfer Yokoda’s life force into the body of an android. This experiment is unsuccessful seven times, but on the eighth try Yokoda is reborn as 8 Man, an android with armoured skin who can move at incredible speeds and can shift into other people’s bodies. 8 Man fights criminals and even manages to bring his own killers to justice.

An interesting fact about this android creature is that 8 Man gains his powers by smoking special radioactive cigarettes that give him energy. He always carries the cigarettes with him on a case attached to his belt.


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