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Once upon a time there was a vile and much-feared pirate named Oliver Levasseur, or “the Buzzard”. On the day he was marched to the gallows, he tore a piece of his shirt and wrote a clue to where he had hidden the treasure he had accumulated over his lifetime treasure – estimated to be worth $200,000,000. He shouted an arrogant invitation to the gathered crowd to try to find his haul, and died without telling anyone the exact location of the treasure.

Image Source: Roger Payne
Image Source: Roger Payne

This happened on the 17th of July 1730. The closest anyone came to finding the treasure was a man named “Cruise” Wilkins, who had once served as a Grenadier Guardsman. He acquired some papers from a woman named Berthe Morele. The papers were allegedly copies from the original “map” Oliver had thrown to the public. Wilkins plunged himself into a long, frustrating and exhausting search for the treasure on the Seychelles Islands. His search unturned objects such as a broken wine glass and an old pistol, and he also found a hidden tunnel under a rock near the shore. Unfortunately, before he could find the treasure, the tide flooded the tunnel and the work-in-progress was forever lost. 


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