Did you know that There’s a fake city inside this Beijing prison, with banks, supermarkets and…


In order for long term prisoners in Beijing to get used to cutting edge technology and present day society, one prison has built a whole fake city for them.

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The prison in question has some inmates incarcerated for as long as 20 years. In order for them to start their new life after their release, they have to learn how to operate with computers, cell phones, bank cards, and subway tickets. The fake city has supermarkets and banks, as well as Internet cafes and a whole subway system. The prisoners enter the fake city course 3 months prior to their release date and they aren’t allowed to leave prison until they’ve learned how to co-exist with technology. Many of the inmates have never seen a cell phone or a computer, let alone used one, so the prison is teaching them how to get used to such tech toys.
The fake city system was inspired by a former inmate’s unfortunate story. After the man in question was released from his cell he found himself incapable of living in modern society outside the prison. His wife divorced him, he wasn’t able to find a job anywhere thanks to his lack of knowledge and skills, and he eventually committed suicide.


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