Did you know that there's a new smartphone app that helps you locate the most…


In 2014 there’s an app for everything. If you think there’s not, you’re wrong, because there’s even an app that helps you when you need a toilet and you can’t find one.

source: Internet
source: Internet

That’s right! There’s a smartphone application which helps you by finding the most suitable toilet for you in your area, no matter where in the world you are. It’s called Air PNP after the Air BNB that is used for finding Bed-and-Breakfast offers near you. However, Air PNP isn’t just showing you the nearest toilets in the area – it also provides you with vital information about their prices and conditions. And most importantly, it even gives you images of the WC! The application is being used by people both in Europe and the States, although its creators made Air PNP originally just for those who enjoyed Mardi Gras and couldn’t find where to do their business.
The list of available toilets on Air PNP is growing, because any user can add an “item” on the list. All it takes are several minutes, a snap and some information about the specific WC.


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