Did you know that there's an app that helps you avoid you…


Have you ever had that extremely awkward and unpleasant moment of running into your ex on a night out? With this new smartphone application you can forget about such run-ins!

source: split app
source: split app

Udi Dagan was on a night out with some friends when he ran into an ex-girlfriend. He asked his pals to move to another bar, but bumped into another ex-partner there. In order to avoid any more nights like that one, he invented Split. Split is a smartphone app, which gathers data about your exes through Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare and Twitter. Thanks to your exes’ habits of checking into a place on social media, Split can tell if you’re near them in order to avoid having to see them in person. The app also provides you with a scheme on how to leave as quickly as possible without being seen.
Apart from avoiding exes, Split also comes in handy when you want to track down family members, friends or colleagues. After all, you don’t want your folks or that jerk co-worker of yours appearing at your side on a first date, do you?


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