Did you know that These Plumbers found a $50,000 gold brick inside a….


Two plumbers working for a client in Canada found a gold brick worth $50,000 inside the trashed bathroom of the client’s home.

Image Source: FLICKR
Image Source: FLICKR

Earlier this February a couple of plumbers came upon the most unlikely of treasures amongst some tiles while they were renovating a client’s bathroom.

Alif Babul, the owner of Perfection Plumbing & Gas Ltd., and one of his employees, Dean Materi, were renovating a bathroom located in Galgary, Alberta, Canada. Amongst the rubbles of the old tiles the two men discovered something shiny. At first they were about to throw away the broken tiles and everything amongst the pile of garbage, but they still decided to check up on the shiny spot. And to their greatest shock the plumbers found a hefty gold brick. The finding weighed about a kilogram and the men weren’t sure if they were supposed to return it to their client, since they had found it in his bathroom. Babul talked things through with his wife and even though he didn’t want to part with the gold he had found in the most unlikely of places, he still returned the gold brick to his company’s client.


Babul shared that regardless of what he and his employees find, the company’s policy states that it should be returned to its original owner. The gold brick the plumbers found is supposedly worth around $50,000. There’s no word on the identity of the client and where the gold brick was placed before the two men found it amongst the rubbles of tiles. However, Babul stated that he has found a large variety of other valuable possessions before while working on his company’s clients’ bathrooms. The man also shared that regardless of his findings, he has always returned the items to their owners.


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