Did you know that This 110 year old woman has been drinking 3 beers a day for the past…


This 110 year old granny isn’t your average elder lady. She has been drinking 3 bottles of beer per day… for the past 70 years!

Image Source: WGN-TV video screenshot
Image Source: WGN-TV video screenshot


One super centenarian lady claims she owes her long life to beer and scotch.
Some 70 years ago Agnes Fenton was advised by her doctor to start drinking. The woman’s medic told her to start downing 3 Miller High Life beer bottles per day and so she started doing so. The woman kept drinking 3 beers a day every single day. Not only that, but she also took a shot of scotch each day to “wash down” the beer. Her favorite scotch is Johnny Walker Blue Label and that’s what she has been drinking for seven decades!

When Agnes turned 105 ABC News interviewed her and she revealed the secret to her longevity. It’s not clear why her doctor told her to start drinking alcohol and it’s certainly strange that her liver has been able to sustain her daily dosage of beer and scotch, but it seems like it worked wonders for Agnes.
Nowadays the 110 year old lady, who is from Englewood, New Jersey, can’t drink anymore. Once her doc thought alcohol would keep her alive, but now she has to keep a strict diet, which doesn’t include any alcohol. One of the officials at the New England Centenarian Study organization commented on the woman’s case. She stated that every single centenarian has his/ her own secret and that it was perfectly okay for a 110 year old woman to believe that alcohol is good for her. However, the spokeswoman said that alcohol as a longevity factor was rare amongst the other cases they have researched and that it definitely won’t have the same effect on other people as it had on Agnes.


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