Did you know that This $57 million ghost house manor has been under construction for …


A ghost house manor in Sussex, UK, estimated to be worth £40 million (approximately $57 million in USD) has been under construction over the course of the past 31 years.

Image Source: FameFlyNet
Image Source: FameFlyNet

The Ghost House of Sussex – which is the manor in question’s nickname – has been left abandoned and in construction three decades ago. It’s located deep in the countryside of Uckfield, East Sussex, UK, and has been transformed into what appears to be a haunting-like land ever since 1985 when its construction initially began.


The land was bought by Nicholas Van Hoogstraten – a real estate baron, who has left UK years ago. Nicholas apparently wanted to build a humongous manor, which would serve one single purpose – to host his incredible art collections. The real estate mogul invested approximately $57 million in this particular land, although he never finished the construction. The manor’s official name is Hamilton Palace and it is just one of the more than 300 properties the man acquired before he had even turned 23! At that time Nicholas Van Hoogstraten was named the youngest millionaire in the UK, but he chose to flee the country and to focus on his business elsewhere – particularly Zimbabwe and Nigeria. The ghost house in Sussex is just one of the many properties he left behind and locals, who have grown used to living near the abandoned manor in construction, claim that they aren’t even sure who the current owner of the land is. Years ago Nicholas sold some of his properties, while he transferred others to his children before he decided to focus on other business venues. One thing is sure, though – the $57 million ghost house he left behind stands no clear chances of ever being fully constructed in the near future.


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