Did you know that This angry man payed $2,500 of his taxes in…


A British guy paid his council taxes of more than $2,500 all in coins – pennies, if we have to be precise.


Russell Skellett bought a couple of properties next to his house in Broxtowe, UK. According to the man, the houses on the two lands were in no way fitted for proper living conditions, since they had no water, gas and electricity in them. However, the Broxtowe Borough Council ruled out that he had to pay council taxes for them, regardless of the condition they were in. The guy refused to pay, so he was sent to court and was ordered to pay a total of £1,851 ($2,591 in USD) in taxes.


Since he couldn’t disobey the court, he thought he could make the council’s job a bit harder. Thus, the guy went to the bank and drew out the requested amount of money, but demanded the bank to give it to him in coins. As a result, more than $2,500 all in pennies were delivered to his house. The total weight of the money was estimated as being nearly 750kg. Since Russell couldn’t just load all of those pennies into his car, he used a couple of shopping carts to drive them all the way to the Broxtowe Borough Council’s building and paid his taxes with them.

The man still refuses to accept that he should pay any taxes for the homes he bought, so he’ll have them demolished in the upcoming few weeks. He also stated that if the council makes him pay any more taxes, he will keep paying everything in pennies. On the other hand, the council’s officials, who declared the houses should be subjected to council taxes, still haven’t commented on Russell’s extraordinary penny case, which has gone viral on the web.


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