Did you know that this ancient Egyptian statue is turning all by itself because…


An ancient Egyptian statue of Neb-Sanu has been causing rumors about supernatural occurrences recently. The statue has been displayed at the Manchester Museum for the past 80 years, but has never moved – up until last year.

Time-lapse video footage shows the strange movement of the statue – it turns on its axis on its own. And it does so only during the day. Some people have claimed the spirit of Neb-Sanu has invaded his statue because his mummy has been destroyed. Others made numerous suggestions about the odd behavior of the statue. After the museum’s officials called in an engineer, the mystery of the turning statue was finally solved. It turned out the statue’s convex base made it easier for it to perform perfect spins on its cabinet’s surface. And the reason for the spinning turned out to be nothing more than vibrations from the nearby street and the daily visitors of the museum. The statue would stop spinning after closing hours and continue turning the next day.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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