Did you know that This armed thief preferred doughnuts rather than…



When somebody tries to steal, they usually end up stealing money or some expensive tech toys in order to buy booze, food or…doughnuts. Well, this thief went directly for the doughnuts.

Image Source: FLICKR
Image Source: FLICKR

Two teenage boys from Adelaide, Australia, went into a new Krispy Kreme store and bought some doughnuts. One of the teenagers had paid for 6 boxes of doughnuts in order to give a present to his new boss, since he had just started an apprenticeship. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to use the doughnuts, since the teens were stopped by an armed thief, who was wielding a knife towards their direction. The unidentified robber told them he would stab them if they refused to give him their doughnuts. So, the two boys cooperated and watched the robber flee leaving behind their money, their smartphones and their wallets.


The teens were so baffled by the strange robber that they didn’t know what to make of the this crazy situation.



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