Did you know that This Chinese mall has a 5 …


A Chinese mall has installed a 5 story slide inside its façade!

Image Source: Newsflare
Image Source: Newsflare

The Printempts shopping mall located in Shanghai, China, has an extremely cool addition!

Weibo, the Chinese social media, exploded earlier this month with news of a super cool and possible super dangerous entertainment amenity installed in the mall in question. The amenity is a humongous slide made out of stainless steel. The slide comes in the shape of a spiral and is 5 stories tall. According to official reports, the descent with it takes the mall’s visitors from the 5th floor to the 1st floor in a total of 16 record-breaking seconds. The gigantic construction and its grey colors match the rest of the mall’s interior, especially with the big pink flowers that decorate the steel’s sides. The reports state that the slide will be officially opened for business in the upcoming few weeks.


Chinese social media users already stated their presumptions that the huge slide could potentially hold great danger to shoppers. They believe that it may cause accidents, since it’s possible for two or more people to bump into each other while sliding 5 stories down. However, the mall’s officials stated that this won’t be happening, because the slide will be open to only one person at a time. The other danger that the façade poses is the fact that people might injure their backs or experience other health-related issues like a panic attack from the enclosure or nausea. There are still no shots available showing the insides of the slide and the way it will have to be lighten, although the mall’s officials stated that it has already been tested and that it’s perfectly safe. There’s still no word on what will be the maximum age of people, who can use it and if it will be available only for children.


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