Did you know that This couple found more than $70,000 worth of…


One British couple found a lump of valuable whale vomit that’s worth approximately $70,000 washed ashore on a beach in Lancashire, UK.

Image Source: FLICKR
Image Source: FLICKR

Whales are hunted down in many countries over various parts of their bodies. For example, their blubber is used widely in food items and cosmetics, while their cartilage is used in medicine. However, the truly valuable whale product is the Ambergris, also known as whale vomit. And one couple from the UK might just get extremely rich extremely fast thanks to a 3 pound lump of Ambergris they found on a beach near Lancashire’s Morecambe Bay.

Gary Williams and his wife Angela were taking a stroll down the beach when they came across a significantly unpleasant smell. The couple was walking down a remote part of the bay, which usually lacks beach-goers, and they decided to track down the smell. It led them to a pile of what turned out to be whale vomit. Gary described the smell as a crossover between “squid and farmyard manure”. The big lump of Ambergris was estimated as being worth more than $70,000 and Mr. and Mrs. Williams are already getting offers from various buyers from New Zealand and France. The whale vomit is usually used by perfume manufacturers as it makes the scents last longer and it’s valuable thanks to its rarity. It’s forbidden to be sold in some countries like the US and Australia, which makes it even more expensive.


The lucky couple shared that if the whale vomit they found turns out to be worth more than they expect, it could finance their lifelong dream of owning their very own static caravan and transform it into reality. The current price of the rare finding has been estimated as a little more than $70,000.


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