Did you know that this granny has over 250k followers and is a…


An 86 year old woman from Kentucky has proven that Twitter isn’t made for youngsters only.


Baddie Winkle rocks Twitter and Instagram with her looks, her spirit, sense of humor and attitude. The 86 year old great-grandmother was born back in 1928 and her Twitter profile states that she has been stealing your men ever since then. The granny has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram, one of which is Rihanna herself! However, that’s far from her Twitter fans, which have reached more than 220,000. Baddie set up her social media accounts earlier this April and has been rocking the Internet ever since!


The “Bad” grannie is such a trend among Internet users all around the world that a number of fake profiles, claiming to be Baddie, have popped on the social media as well. Baddie, however, prefers to make her followers laugh with her amazing sense of humor instead of acting like a grumpy old lady about the fake profiles.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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