Did you know that This guy built a gaming PC in the shape of a …


A guy, named Sander van der Velden, managed to build a gaming PC in the shape of Star Wars’ famous spaceship Star Destroyer!

Image Source: Photo By Sander van der Velden/MSI
Image Source: Photo By Sander van der Velden/MSI


This has got to be the coolest gaming computer any nerd could ever wish for!
So, what did Sander do exactly? Well, he made a mod, which is making headlines way before it’s supposed to. The guy received a call from MSI asking to showcase a project he was working on (the PC in question) at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show, which is set to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, later this year. The gaming PC looks like no other computer on the market – it’s modeled after a Star Destroyer ship from the Star Wars movies and it looks like a must-have item for every Star Wars fan and technology nerd. Sander explains everything he did – from painting the 3D printed casket of the PC to installing the fiber-optic cables and to packing the entire thing and shipping it off to Las Vegas. The final result is a fully functioning gaming computer built from scratch with the shape of a Star Destroyer. It’s colored, it twinkles (it took the guy more than 50 meters of fiber-opting cable to finish off all the lights), it has 6 fans, and so, so much more! Sander worked on the computer for nearly a week and sweated blood and tears over it for 12 to 16 hours every single day. He barely finished in time in order to ship the PC off to Vegas and to get on a plane himself.

The best part is that Sander claims he’s going to build other versions of the Star Destroyer PC as well – which probably means that he can put it up for sale!


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