Did you know that This guy can eat 25 Big Macs in one…


Check out this guy – he can eat up to 25 Big Macs in one single serving!

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Meet Matt Stonie – just an ordinary guy with lots of love towards food. Matt loves eating and he enjoys filming himself eat various types of food. He has a YouTube channel, on which he uploads videos of himself downing unbelievably large amounts of food in unbelievably short periods of time.

One of Matt’s latest food challenges, as he likes to call them, is allegedly record breaking. He wanted to set a new record by eating a total of 25 Big Macs in one serving only. He filmed himself buying the Big Mac sandwiches from his local McDonald’s drive-thru and then eating them one after the other. He successfully managed to eat all 25 Big Macs in about 22 minutes. Crazy, isn’t it? His meal consisted of a total of 13,250 calories and he claims that his successful challenge is actually a new world record. The officials from the Guinness World Records are yet to verify his statement, but his accomplishment is still astonishing. You can watch Matt’s video, which honestly is a little bit sickening, on his YouTube channel. He uploaded it on the website on the 24th of this September and the video has already gained more than 640,000 views!


Some of Matt’s other food challenges include eating 8 Filet-O-Fish burgers in 60 seconds, 120 Twinkies in 6 minutes, 4 Whopper burgers in 60 seconds, 16 White Castle cheeseburgers in 60 seconds, and 384 potstickers in 10 minutes. If you haven’t already guessed so, the guy is a competitive eater, who has won a variety of eating competitions. He films himself carrying out such eating challenges and uploads the videos on YouTube just for the kicks of it all.


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