Did you know that This guy caught a drunken stranger passed out on his…


One guy caught a drunken stranger on camera while the drunk was passed out on his bed.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

All sorts of hilarious homemade videos go viral almost every single day, but they usually involve a bunch of people, who are all familiar with each other. However, this particular guy decided to film a video of a drunken stranger he found passed out on his bed.

The cameraman and bed owner, who has been identified only as “Negative Genie” by his YouTube channel, appears to be either Canadian or have a similar accent to the Canadian stereotype, but little is known about him or his location. He found a drunken man sleeping in his bed and instead of calling the police, he decided it would be a better idea to just film him. During the short video you can see and hear the two guys trying to get to some point of revelation of what has happened. As it turned out, the drunken stranger thought he was sleeping in his very own bed, since he used to live in the same house some time ago before the current owner of the bed bought the entire house.


The video shows that once the guy realized that the intoxicated stranger wasn’t so strange at all, he offered him to spend the night at the guest bedroom. Of course, the video became an instant hit on the web overnight. Internet users from all over the world praised Negative Genie’s calm and cool approach towards the strange situation and the fact that he was understanding and welcoming towards the other man. The awkward, yet funny at times video was uploaded on YouTube on the 25th of this October and it has already been viewed more than 1.7 million times!


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