Did you know that This guy didn’t like his mugshot, so he sent the police a better…


A guy, who happens to be a person of interest for the Ohio police, didn’t like how his mugshot photo had turned out, so he just sent the police a better one.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

Donald Pugh isn’t making headlines for the crimes he did, but rather for the fact that he made fun of the police.


This is the story of Donald Pugh, a wanted man, who has gone viral for the fact that instead of running away from the authorities, he decided to give them an additional tool to help them find him. Pugh, who is a 45 year old guy residing in Lima, Ohio, US, is facing several charges, two of which are for vandalism and an arson. The local police have been on the lookout for him and they have released a couple of headshots of the man, including a mugshot, which apparently wasn’t to Donald’s liking. So, instead of turning himself in or simply avoiding any public appearances, Donald decided to send the police another photograph of himself, because he didn’t like the mugshot they already had. According to the 45 year old man, the shot looked “terrible”. He sent a new photo, which shows him all dressed up in a formal suit wearing sunglasses and sitting behind the wheel of what looks like a polished vehicle. The guy told the police that the new photo looked way better than the mugshot they already had as calmly as if he wasn’t being sought after as a person of interest!

The man’s outrageous actions landed him in the headlines of several big news agencies, which eventually made his story viral. The police claim the guy needs to turn himself in in order to face the charges of the crimes he has allegedly done.


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