Did you know that This guy didn’t show up at work for 6 years – and….


A Spanish guy is making the headlines for the fact that nobody noticed how he didn’t show up at work over the course of 6 years!

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Skipping a single day of work can have nasty consequences for most of us, but one particular man didn’t visit his working place for 6 years and nobody noticed that he was missing out on his duties!

Joaquin Garcia is a 69 year old man from Cadiz, Spain, who was about to receive a prestigious award for having 20 years of service at a local water company. When he was about to be presented with the award his employers realized that the man hadn’t shown up at work for the past 6 years. As it turned out, back in the days Garcia was being bullied by his colleagues for a number of reasons and he didn’t have much work to do on his position, so he decided it would be a good idea to start skipping work day after day. The reason nobody noticed his long absence was that his employers thought the guy was being supervised by some local authorities, while the authorities thought the company had employed a special supervisor for his position. As a result, the man stopped showing up and carried out more pleasant activities than going to work.


Now that his absence has finally been discovered, his employers have decided to fine him with the equivalent of nearly $30,300 in USD. Regardless of how big the sum seems, Garcia has actually been making an annual income of $41,600 through all the years he didn’t go to work. The guy has received the nickname “el fincionario fantasma”, which means “the phantom official” in Spanish. Official reports state that the guy is trying to find various ways not to pay the fine, including asking the mayor to lift the punishment for the consequences of his actions.


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