Did you know that This guy has a rare condition, which allows him to run for 350 miles without…


Dean Karnazes is famous for having every marathon runner’s dreamy organism – he has a rare genetic condition, which allows the man to run for up to 350 miles without stopping to rest from all the running!

Image Source: FLICKR
Image Source: FLICKR

The 53 year old California-based father of two’s condition is puzzling doctors and researchers. They don’t have a name for it yet, but they do have an explanation. So, how does this incredible man run for so long without feeling any pains, cramps, breathlessness and tiring? His condition makes his body rid itself of lactic acids more rapidly than any other person can. The lactic acids are basically the reason for the sickening, the pain and the fatigue during long runs. They are caused when energy gets converted inside your body through the glucose you’ve stored in it from your daily meals. When the lactic acids build up in your muscles you start having pains and aches and you know you need to stop to take several breaths before you can continue running.


Thanks to his extremely rare condition, though, Dean doesn’t need to stop. This guy discovered his unique abilities back when he was a kid, who could outrun his classmates in significant ways. Doctors have been studying the man for quite a while and they have been performing various energy-based and lactate related tests to find his thresholds. Some of these tests usually last about 15 minutes, but Dean is able to sustain through more than an hour! And on top of it all, he’s definitely not wasting his potential sitting in the lab! The 53 year old man is a famous marathon runner, who has even conquered the South Pole in -13F degree conditions! Needless to say, he loves running and he’s outstanding at it!


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