Did you know that This guy is selling jars of British air to Chinese…


A British guy, residing in Hong Long, is selling jars filled with British air to the Chinese people.
Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai are some of the most polluted areas in China and a 27 year old entrepreneur has come up with an extraordinary idea to sell something the Chinese don’t have – fresh, green air from various places in the UK.

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

Leo De Watts is a 27 year old Brit residing in Hong Kong. His company, Aethaer, sells air. As crazy as this may sound, people in China are actually buying the products. They are paying £80 (around $116 in USD) for a single jar of 580ml filled with air. The air is gathered by Leo’s workers, who “harvest” it in various ever-green parts of Wales, Somerset, Yorkshire, Wiltshire and Dorset – the homeland of Leo. Ever since he started his project a few weeks ago the guy has managed to sell over 180 jars of British air. Apparently, many of his customers are actually buying the product not to use it, but rather to collect it and display it or simply give it as a unique form of a present to somebody else.

The feeling of breathing fresh air from the jars lasts only about a few seconds, but that doesn’t mean Chinese people aren’t attracted by the strange services Leo’s company is offering. The company’s slogan preaches the following tag line: “Breathe clean, live refreshed”. De Watts is describing his company as the “Gucci or Louis Vuitton” of fresh air.


As ridiculous as it may sound, his company is flourishing in the most polluted places on our planet, but in the same time the customers, who are buying the guy’s products aren’t even using the jars of air to breathe in the British aroma!


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