Did you know that this guy made an incredible engagement proposal video by travelling in 26 …


Jack Hyer and the future Mrs. Hyer went on their first date back in the fall of 2010. Jack immediately knew he wanted to marry her, so he planned an incredible proposal that would put even the most romantic of lovers to shame.

Over the course of the following four years Jack travelled to 26 countries, including Thailand, China, Greece, Turkey, The US, Israel and many more. He visited famous landmarks all around the world and had one thing in mind – making the perfect proposal. He mimed I’m Gonna Be by The Proclaimers in front of the Great Wall of China, on top of an elephant in Chiang Mai, in the pouring rain in Beijing, during a ride across the Serengeti in Africa… He serenaded his girlfriend in 26 countries and merged together the video footage in one epic engagement proposal.

Of course, after such a breath-taking gesture, Jack’s girlfriend just had to say “Yes”!


Written by Patrick Bennet

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