Did you know that This guy proposed to his girlfriend with a wisdom tooth instructed…


One Canadian guy proposed to his girlfriend with the most unusual engagement ring – one that is not instructed with a diamond, but with a wisdom tooth!

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter


Check out the strangest, creepiest and probably most putting-off engagement ring in the world!
Carlee Leifkes met her fiancé, Lucas Mancoon-Unger, when they were both attending the same music festival some time ago in Canada. The two of them fell in love and Lucas eventually moved from Canada to California, where Carlee is from, in order to be closer to her. And now the guy has given her the most untraditional engagement ring possible – one that’s instructed with his own wisdom tooth. Carlee shared the entire ring-related story with the media and stated that she and Lucas have never been a traditional couple. The woman also said that they have spoken about getting married before and she has told her fiancé that she thinks diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend and that they are really overrated. Thus, instead of presenting her with a diamond ring, Lucas surprised his girlfriend with a silver band instructed with one of his wisdom teeth, which he has saved ever since it was removed out of his mouth when he was only 17 years old. Carlee stated that the wisdom teeth means so much more to her than any diamond ever would.

Lucas’ girlfriend also shared that she doesn’t need a big stone in order to be sure of his love, because he has already done too much for her. The California-born Carlee shared her good news on Instagram and Facebook where her wisdom tooth instructed ring quickly gained popularity and it wasn’t long before the couple’s strange story started making headlines in news agencies from all over the world!


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