Did you know that This guy robbed an entire bank armed only with a single …


An elderly guy managed to rob a bank in Nashville while he was armed with just a single Bible and no sort of an actual weapon.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Many people believe faith is their greatest weapon and by the looks of it, it can also be used to go quite the damage.


According to official reports, an unidentified man robbed a bank located in Nashville, Texas, US, while he was armed with a copy of the Bible. The guy in question is making headlines after the police couldn’t identify him using the footage they acquired from the bank’s security surveillance cameras. The man wasn’t armed when he walked into a branch of Bank of America in the early afternoon of the 8th of this January. He was caught sporting a washed out light blue shirt and a military-themed baseball cap, which partially hid his face. The unnamed man handed some note to one of the bank tellers. The exact contents of the note remain undisclosed, but the guy apparently asked the bank teller to hand him over some cash. The robber fled the scene right after he received the money and escaped the guards, even though he wasn’t armed. While he was making his escape, the man dropped a copy of the Bible in the bank. The official reports show that the man fled the bank in an old red car. He’s currently making headlines as the bank robber, who was armed with just a Bible.

The police are currently trying to identify the man in question and have released pictures from the bank’s surveillance cameras in attempts to find somebody, who can help them in their attempts to pinpoint the man’s location and his identity. The amount of money, which he robbed from the Bank of America branch, remains undisclosed to the public.


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