Did you know that This guy slept with his three girlfriends in just…


Charlie Fisher, a 20 year old Brit, cheated on his 17 year old girlfriend Becky Connery and his 19 year old girlfriend Lizzie Leeland-Cunningham. Lizzie and Becky found out about each other and the third girlfriend Charlie was keeping in touch with via text messages. The three girls then connected via the good old Facebook and started plotting against the cheater.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

As if the story got out from the blockbuster The Other Woman, the three girls decided to confront him when he returned from a vacation. It turned out the guy was creating lies about family duties, friends, relationships and other stuff in order to juggle the trio around. The girls arrived at the Luton Airport just as Charlie returned from his vacation and gave him a piece of their mind.


Some Twitter users judged Becky and the other girls’ actions. Becky told the rest of the world that Charlie got what he deserved, because “men aren’t superior to women” anymore.


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