Did you know that this guy started reading as a toddler, played piano at age 3, delivered a high school commencement speech at age 10….


Brandenn Bremmer was a little genius. As his mom says, it was like he was born an adult and only his body was physically developing. When he was a toddler, he started reading. When he was three years old he was playing a piano and after that he begun composing and recording music, and winning competitions.

At the age of six, when the other children were just starting school, he was ready to attend high school. He was home-educated by this time and he continued that, taking most of his courses by mail. When the boy got interested by something, he was able for finish a semester’s work just for ten days.

And it was a complete surprise and shock for all when Brandenn was found dead in his Nebraska home. He had a gunshot wound in his head, there was no note left and he was only fourteen years old. There were even no signs of depression; more over he had just shown his parents the art cover of his new CD.


His mother often thinks that there were no challenges left for her son in the physical world, so he had decided to move on and do something great somewhere else. We would never find out that, but he did something great here – he donated his organs and saved two other people who took his liver and heart.


Written by Patrick Bennet

I have been working as a teacher my whole life. I love reading books.

I love writing about all kind of different and interesting facts. It's not only exciting, but I learn something new every day. What I learn I share it with you guys. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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