Did you know that This guy survived a lightning strike AND won the…


Meet Peter McCathie – the man, who not only survived after a lightning strike, but he also won from a lottery!


Back when Peter was only a 14 year old teenager, he got struck by a lightning. According to some reports, the odds of a person, residing in Canada, getting hit by a lightning are less than one in a million. As it turned out, the 14 year old Peter was one of those unfortunate ones. He was swimming in a lake when the lightning hit him and somehow, he miraculously survived the lightning strike. Nowadays the fully grown man has beat another lucky odd – he won the Atlantic Lottery.


Peter, who is from Nova Scotia, Canada, beat the odds by one in 14 million – a lot rare than the odds of getting hit by a lightning. The guy collected a total of $1 million from the lottery earlier this July. Another woman also got a hit from the same lottery drawing – Diana Miller. Miller stated she would use the money for a trip to Cancun, Mexico. Peter, on the other hand, wants to take his wife on a trip to a destination he didn’t share with the media. He’s planning on investing the money in a second honeymoon for the both of them.

A local news agency, CTV News Canada, was highly interested in Peter’s story. The agency wanted to know exactly how unlikely it was for the guy to survive the lightning strike and to win the lottery, so they sought the help of Sophie Leger – a math professor working at the University of Monckton. Leger stated that Peter’s chances were nearly one in 2.6 trillion – but he still beat every odd! In other words, “lucky” doesn’t even begin to describe his situation.
Remarkable, isn’t it?


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